How Many Bottles of Wine in a Box?

Typically, when we think of wine, we envision a traditional glass bottle filled with our favorite red or white. However, in recent years, boxed wine has become increasingly popular due to its longevity, affordability, and environmental impact. The question is, how many bottles does a standard box of wine usually contain? On average, a typical 3-liter box of wine is equivalent to 4 standard 750ml bottles. Intrigued by this fact? Then keep reading to delve into the world of boxed wine and uncover more fascinating details.

How Many Bottles of Wine in a Box?

To fully understand the number of bottles in a box of wine, we must first look at the different types of boxed wine available. The most common type is called a “wine cask” or “bag-in-box” which consists of a plastic bag filled with wine, placed inside a cardboard box. This style usually comes in three sizes: 1.5 liters, 3 liters, and 5 liters.

1.5 liters box

A 1.5-liter box of wine is equivalent to 2 standard bottles (750ml) of wine, making it perfect for a small gathering or an individual who enjoys a glass or two on occasion. This size is also ideal for trying out new wines without committing to buying a whole bottle.

3 liters box

A 3-liter box of wine is the most common size found on the market. It’s also known as a “wine cask” or “goon bag” in Australia and New Zealand. This size generally contains 4 standard bottles (750ml) and usually retails for around $20-30 USD. However, the beauty of boxed wine is that it can stay fresh for up to 6 weeks after opening, making it ideal for those who enjoy a glass or two at a time without worrying about spoiling the rest of the bottle.

5 liters box

The next size up from a 3-liter box is the 5-liter box. This size typically contains around 6 and 2/3 bottles of wine and is perfect for larger gatherings or parties. The cost of a 5-liter box can range from $30-40 USD, making it an affordable option for those hosting events.

Popular Wine Box Brands

Now that we know the different sizes of boxed wine and how many bottles they contain let’s take a look at some popular brands you may come across in stores or at your local winery.

Black Box Wines

Black Box Wines offers a variety of red, white, and rosé options in their 3-liter box. They pride themselves on sourcing high-quality grapes from the world’s best wine regions and providing sustainable packaging.


Franzia is one of the most well-known boxed wine brands, offering a range of varietals from chardonnay to merlot. Their 5-liter box is equivalent to six and two-thirds bottles and is known for its affordability and convenience.

Bota Box

Bota Box offers a range of varietals in their 3-liter box, including fan favorites like Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio. They also have a unique “Nighthawk Black” blend that has gained popularity among boxed wine enthusiasts.


Are there really 4 bottles of wine in a box?

Yes, a standard 3-liter box of wine contains the equivalent of four 750ml bottles.

How long does boxed wine last after opening?

Boxed wine can stay fresh for up to 6 weeks after opening, compared to traditional bottled wine which can spoil after just a few days. This is due to the vacuum-sealed bag inside the box which prevents air from entering and oxidizing the wine.

Is boxed wine of lower quality than bottled wine?

Not necessarily. Boxed wine has come a long way in recent years, with many high-quality wines now available in this format. Plus, the vacuum-sealed bag keeps the wine fresh and prevents it from being exposed to light, which can affect its taste and quality.

How many 1.5L bottles are in a case of wine?

A case of wine typically contains 12 bottles, but when it comes to boxed wine, the measurements are a bit different. A standard 1.5-liter box is equivalent to two bottles of wine, so a case would contain six boxes.


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